Half Model Shamrock V 1930


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Half Model Shamrock V 1930 for your nautical home or office. It had been a highly emotional meeting between Charles E.Nicholson and Nathanael Herreshoff during the Shamrock V and Resolute measurement operations. The two men did not meet one another until ten years later due to the visit arranged by Harold Vanderbilt.

Nicholson built Shamrock V in 1930. Yet again, he was unable to equal the Americans. Although this time they did not have eight years' experience with the new International Rule, they were out in force; for the 1930 challenge they built 4 J Class. Charles Nicholson had only one chance to exploit the formula to the hull.

Moreover the Americans made faster progress than the English with their yacht equipment. Shamrock V was not as fast as she was beautiful.

The last challenge of Sir Thomas Lipton concluded with a disastrous defeat against Enterprise. But his popularity in the United State was such that the public response to a subscription to award him a gold souvenir cup was massive. Overwhelmed, the ordinarily loquacious gentleman was scarcely able to utter a few words, "Although I have always lost, you make me think I have won. But I will try again, yes, I wil try again!".

"Tommy", as he was affectionately known, was never keep his promise. He died on October 2nd, 1931, a few months after finally being admitted as a number of the Royal Yacht Squadron.

Sixty years later, Shamrock V was still sailing under an italian flag, having been re-christened Quadrifoglio. She was repurchased in 1986 by the Thomas Lipton Company, given back her original name and is now the property of the Newport Museum of Yachting, founded by the Company.

Finally Shamrock V has been refitted by the famous yacht lady Elizabeth Meyer and is sailing worldwide for races and charter. One of her recent greater victory was during the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 1999, were she raced against the 2 other remaining J Boats, Endeavour and Velsheda.

The Art of making half hulls is as old as ship building itself. Half Hulls were crafted by ship builders to give three-dimensional shape to their hull designs.

Crafted in mahogany and tropical hard woods, the hulls are assembled one at a time, using traditional plank-on-bulkhead modelling techniques.

After the bulkheads are laid and the hull lines trued, the hulls are planked with individual wooden stripes to form a smooth silhouette. The model is then sanded, hand painted and varnished to a mirror-like finish.

They are then mounted on ready to hang wooden plaque, each is complete with an engraved brass nameplate. Their lines are exceptionally beautiful.

Size: 75 cm L x 20 cm Hgh. Compliments any nautical decor. Packaging is extemely secure to allow for a safe passage. Great for the model ship collector.

This line of model ships is made by highly skilled craftsmen who work with remarkable precision using only the finest materials. These craftsmen have been trained for years to become Master Artisans. Hundreds of hours go into making each model, from the original lofting of plans to the finishing touches. Hull construction is either hand laid-up resin or plank on bulkhead with a selection of precious wood. Deck details are reproduced with custom-made brass and chromed brass castings. Hand sanded hulls are finished with marine varnishes and polyurethane paint.

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Measures: 29.5"x7.75" lbs.
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