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Lobster Buoys

Buoys and authentic wood lobster buoy markers for your nautical home and office. Although buoys have long been used by lobster fisherman in lobster fishing areas along the entire East Coast, the wooden buoys used by the Maine coast lobsterman have a unique and storied past. Buoys are the visible brands of range. Cutting or stealing a lobster buoy in Maine is considered worse than cattle rustling. Bullets have been fired in anger and boats of unknown buoy rustlers have settled slowly to the bottom of the sea under a no-telling starry northern smile from the heavens. The Maine law that governs the pilfering of buoys is among the strictest, but if there is one souvenir each Maine tourist covets, it's the lobster buoy.

10 x 4.5 Wooden Buoys set-2 About the 10 x 4.5 Wooden Buoys set-2 $36.00 More information about this nautical gift