Here’s What You Need to Know if You Use a Sex Site

You’ve been down on your luck and unable to score any in a while, so you decided to try out a sex site. First of all, don’t worry, you’re not alone; but there a few things you should definitely know before diving right in.

As with anything on the Internet, you should do your research first and see which site is the most legitimate and successful, as well as secure. After you’ve found the site you wish to join and all that good stuff, there a several things you must keep in mind while using a sex site. Read on to discover four things you must know when using a sex site and how to better protect yourself online.


Most of time, bots controls many of the accounts on sex sites. The user profile may be full of real pictures of a real woman somewhere, but she’s not behind that keyboard sending you those messages. Realistically, she probably has zero idea that her pictures are even being used for such purposes, let alone all over the Internet.

Many sites use bots because it keeps users coming back. Users believe a beautiful woman with a rocking career and stellar body is giving them attention and hopeful of meeting up, when in reality, it is merely a robot programmed to say these things and respond appropriately.

Fake/Old Pictures

Don’t get me wrong, plenty of the accounts on sex sites are legitimate and are real men and women looking to meet up with similar people, but as with anything, beware of false advertisement. When meeting people online, at least 75% of whether someone will choose to like or message you relies on your physical appearance; little has to do with your career or hobbies or short little bio that you took the time to write.

With that being said, people are going to make sure they look as good as possible in the pictures they choose to upload and portray to the world. So many times, people will use old pictures of themselves when they were younger or thinner or healthier in order to attract others. Be aware of this, but also be aware of people using entirely fake pictures. While they still may actually be a real person behind the screen, not a bot, they could still use fake pictures of someone else in order to gain attention and likes.

Not the Best People

If you really think about it, people who have to resort to sex sites in order to have sex usually aren’t the best type of people. This could refer to their appearance, personality or simply who they are as a person. Either way, they aren’t getting lucky with those who know them so they have to resort to meeting strangers online.

Sure, you may be able to find a gem hidden amongst the dust and rocks, but, then again, it may end up being a bot. You’re definitely not going to find any “Housewifes of Bel Air,” type of women, but you may find some top-notch trailer park damsels in distress.


Sex sites can be dangerous. As mentioned earlier, you can’t always guarantee you’re actually talking to another human being and even if so, you can’t always guarantee you’re talking to the person in the pictures they use. Even if so, you never know their true intentions.

You could make plans to meet someone, then end up being held up at gunpoint and having your car stolen. Schemes like this are taking place all of time after initial contact originating on sex sites and other online sites of the liking—that’s why the Internet can be so dangerous; anyone can be anyone from behind a screen.