Tall Ships HMS Bounty 1787 Model


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Tall Ships HMS Bounty 1787 Model for your nautical home or office. Maritime exploration ship commanded by Captain Bligh.
The name of Bounty , frigate of the British Navy, is indissolubly tied to her captain's Bligh and to the vicissitudes which caused the crew to mutiny. The ship set out for Spithead in december 1787, final destination Tahiti.On the return voyage, owing to the strict discipline imposed by the captain, which clashed with the idle stay in tahiti, a certain discontent began to spread through the crew and it soon turned into a mutiny. Christian Flecher, the boatswain, took command of the ship and forced Bligh to embark on a life-boat with 18 still faihful men. After a dangerous navigation for more than 4,000 miles, Bligh reached the isle of Timor and afterwards England. The Bounty went back to tahiti where part of the crew landed. She then sailed for the Pitcairn Isle where Fletcher and the remaining men settled. Only 20 years later the group landed in tahiti was captured and judged by the English Court-martial. Three seamen were condemned while the others were acquitted.

Size: 63 cm L x 51 cm Hgh. Packaging is extemely secure to allow for a safe passage. Compliments any nautical decor. Great for a seashore cottage.

This line of model ships is made by highly skilled craftsmen who work with remarkable precision using only the finest materials. These craftsmen have been trained for years to become Master Artisans. Hundreds of hours go into making each model, from the original lofting of plans to the finishing touches. Hull construction is either hand laid-up resin or plank on bulkhead with a selection of precious wood. Deck details are reproduced with custom-made brass and chromed brass castings. Hand sanded hulls are finished with marine varnishes and polyurethane paint.

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Measures: 24.75"L x 20"H
This item normally ships in 7 to 10 business days if in stock. 30 to 45 business days if it has to be built.
This item ships from Florida.

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