Endeavour I 1934 Model Ship


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Endeavour I 1934 Model Ship for your nautical home or office. The owner of the big White Eather, W.E. Stephenson, announced his intention in 1933 to build a new J-Class: Charles E. Nicholson built a splendid steel yacht for him,Velsheda, and he saw from her first outings that she was a possible challenger of the America's Cup.

Sir Thomas Lipton , Shamrock V's owner, decided to enter the fray. He ordered a new J Class from Nicholson, Endeavour.Nicholson designed his most fabulous challenger, with a very elegant shape and real speed capacities.The fifteenth challenge of the America's Cup was quite a paradox:the faster yacht was beaten by the slower but better sailed yacht.

In fact, with Rainbow, the Americans were saved solely due to her tactical sense and a lot of luck.

Endeavour layed down for years in the USA, without care.She was rescued by Elizabeth Meyer, of New-Port, RI. Today after a $ 10,000,000 restoration, she is one of the most breathtaking sights on the water. To take helm of such a boat is to experience pure power, grace and speed. Add excitement and exhilaration to any nautical home decor.

Model measures: 60 cm L x 85 cm Hgh. Packaging is extemely secure to allow for a safe passage.

This line of model ships is made by highly skilled craftsmen who work with remarkable precision using only the finest materials. These craftsmen have been trained for years to become Master Artisans. Hundreds of hours go into making each model, from the original lofting of plans to the finishing touches. Hull construction is either hand laid-up resin or plank on bulkhead with a selection of precious wood. Deck details are reproduced with custom-made brass and chromed brass castings. Hand sanded hulls are finished with marine varnishes and polyurethane paint.

Additional Product Details:
Measures: 20"L x 24"H
This item normally ships in 7 to 10 business days if in stock. 30 to 45 business days if it has to be built.
This item ships from Florida.

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